Friday, 10 April 2015

Straight Answers Please

Jon tries to get straight answers out of Rathlin Energy, including why work still has not started at Crawberry Hill:
We are in the process of addressing the Environment Agency’s (EA) pre-conditions.
ie; things went so badly wrong at West Newton (19 breaches of permit in 4 months, and ongoing gas leaks and noxious smells) that the Environment Agency are taking enforcement action against Rathlin Energy, and won't let them start work at Crawberry Hill.

Letter to Rathlin Energy from Jon, with notes

In the company's original reply, they said

the company cannot enter into detailed bilateral conversations with all the private individuals who may have a personal interest in our work but do not live locally.
Jon lives 4,500m from their Crawberry Hill well site.

Rathlin Energy Reply

Still unclear how many wells Rathlin Energy claim they want, Jon makes another attempt to get crystal clear answers.

Jon's attempt to get clarity

We look forward to posting clear answers soon.