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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Local Water Engineer explains risks of contamination & a little bit of chemistry

In this interview a chemist who lives a mile from Crawberry Hill well site, with many years experience of water treatment in the oil industry, explains in detail the risks of water contamination and air pollution, and why he thinks fracking shouldn't be considered in the UK at all.

Frack Off

The national site.  FAQs, maps, and much much more

Legal Blockade

It is illegal to drill under your property without permission.  Sign up at to refuse.

Leaflets & Briefings

What is fracking, and how it will effect your...

HEY Frack Off's general leaflet.

Extreme Energy Briefing

Green Party Policy Pointer

Feb 2014 regional briefing from Friends of The Earth;
they also have a Shale Gas breifing


David K. Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow

Submission to House of Lords Committee

  • The UK is heavily faulted, is fundamentally different from the US, and these faults provide a potential fast-track pathway into drinking water aquifers
  • This has been recognised in France and Germany, but not in the UK where regulations are ill-equipped
  • Fracking should be banned in the UK
A damning submission.  Click to view the pdf

Shale gas and fracking: examining the evidence

by Scientists for Global Responsibility & Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

  • Regulation of the industry in the UK is currently inadequate
  • Confidence in the practice is undermined by a series of disingenuous claims made by both the Government and industry
  • Virtually all economic analysts refute the claim that fracking will reduce energy bills
  • job creation potential has been substantially exaggerated, and is also significantly less than that of the low-carbon energy sector
  • Community benefits have been exaggerated
  • the exploitation of shale gas is dangerous and unnecessary
  • use of shale gas will undoubtedly be in addition to, not instead of, coal, and will therefore result in an overall increase in emissions

Expert Views, pro and con

Although a commercial site I'll admit I found this informative.
Note that the pro-fracking views are first, and pro-environment further down.

Fracking – Is this the Future of UK Energy?
After being challenged by, James Verdon admitted his wording should be changed.
The wording wasn't changed, so Refreacktion's response was added further down the page.

Blackpool Earthquakes Report

After the seismic events at the Preese Hall well near Blackpool this report was commissioned.

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