Tuesday, 22 September 2015

14th round repsonse - have you?

Have you responded to the consultation on oil & gas licences yet?

Here's an example by a local resident which raises some really important points, and may be of help.  Feel free to use extracts, but remember original responses are the most powerful.

More information and guidance is here:

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Another victory over Rathlin Energy - closedown in Northern Ireland - the power of community action

Rathlin Energy are clearly are in trouble, closing down another operation, in Northern Ireland.  They announced on their website:

"Rathlin will very soon commence the well abandonment and site restoration of Ballinlea-1."  full statement
A few weeks ago they announced they are abandoning and restoring their Crawberry Hill wellsite near Beverley after ongoing protests there meant they were unable to carry out a mini-frack there as planned.

In 2012 the chair of Rathlin Energy, David Montagu-Smith, said of their operations:
"Our ability to function profitably or commercially in Northern Ireland will depend more heavily on one thing than on any other and that is the support of the local communities in which we work. We also would not be able to function, nor would we try and function, if we are at odds with the local communities."
We call on him to honour that commitment in East Yorkshire.