Thursday, 23 October 2014

EA Letter to West Newton Local Residents

This letter was sent to residents who live very close to the West Newton well site, where serious problems with the well continue.  Testing that should have been completed weeks ago hasn't even begun, and well intervention equipment is still present on site this week.

The letter states that the noxious smells that have been emanating from West Newton have stopped.
This is not the case.  The smells continue to be reported.

We also note that the EA state,
Monitoring results will be sent to Public Health England to check that any emissions do not have the potential for effecting public health.
Which exposes as a lie Rathlin's claim that the smells are not harmful- they can not possibly know that.  Rathlin don't even know exactly what the smells are, and have proved themselves incapable of controlling them.

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