Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Have Rathlin deceived community? Applications expose intention to test Frack - contradicts earlier statements - Permit now open for comments

Rathlin Energy has applied to the Environment Agency for Permits to test their two local wells at Crawberry Hill and West Newton.  (Locations here.)

These new Permits were required under European legislation and include the following new and specific question (see page 10 point 9.4.5):

Will you inject aqueous liquids into the well?  For example for “well stimulation” or “hydraulic fracturing” purposes 
This rather contradicts everything they have said on the matter so far.
Up to now Rathlin has repeatedly and categorically stated to the local community that it has no intention of fracking. (2)

Rathlin goes on to state in the application:
 For clarity, the intention ... is not to fracture the formation but to establish if and at what pressure the formation becomes permeable. The information gathered ... will help determine whether the formation is capable of being hydraulically fractured. Hydraulic fracturing is not being considered as part of the application which this plan supports. (3)

But why would you want to test for fracking if you really have no intention to frack?

The West Newton Application is open for comments now:  Have Your Say
The permit application can be viewed in full and comments made on the Environment Agency website.


1 - Application Form, 9.4.5

2 - "Rathlin would be reaffirming its commitment not to hydraulically fracture the Crawberry Hill well"
Crawberry Hill Community Liaison Committee Meeting minutes, April 2012

"reaffirmed Rathlin‟s commitment that hydraulic fracturing will not feature as part of the plans at Crawberry Hill"
Crawberry Hill Community Liaison Committee Meeting minutes, Feb 2012

 -"TS confirmed that fracking is not being contemplated. RJ asked if it may be considered in the future. TS said not for this well and that it was never part of the original plans or proposal."
West Newton Community Liaison Committee minutes, Nov 2013

3 - Non Technical Summary Mini Fall-Off Test withinUpper Visean/Lower Namurian

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