Monday, 3 February 2014

Overwhelming support against fracking in Beverley

Despite extreme winds there was overwhelming support from the people of Beverley last Saturday at the anti-fracking stall.
As fast as there was room at the table, people were signing the petition and signing up to the legal blockade.

Over 100 local homeowners have now refused permission to drill under their homes by joining Wrongmove, sending a clear message against fracking.

Butter Cross, Beverley Market Place
11am Saturday 18th February
The government seems determined to try and push ahead with fracking, and there has been testing at local sites in Walkington and West Newton, but when the public understands what's involved most are opposed.

So Greenpeace will be out talking to members of the public and encouraging them to sign up to the Wrongmove legal blockade- refusing permission for fracking under our homes.

Meet at the Butter Cross in Beverley marketplace at 11am (the bandstand like structure).

We'll likely move to a spot on pedestrianised Toll Gavel near the cook shop selling pricey pans.

Do let us know if you'd like to join us, and I can send you the briefing in advance.

Hope to see you there

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