Friday, 18 April 2014

Graham Stewart MP shocked by fracking- "not happening here"

Extracting gas from shale rock requires an average of 8 wells per square mile; to extract the quantities of gas that prospectors boast may be possible in the UK would require thousands of wells, perhaps 3,000 in the East Yorkshire.

On Tues night HEY Frack Off hosted a talk in Hornsea, and welcomed knowledgeable speakers from Frack Off to give a presentation on extreme energy extraction.

We were delighted that Graham Stewart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, attended for part of the evening, and join him in his call for people to get more informed on both sides of the argument.

An aerial photograph from the US was shown, demonstrating what a high number of well sites over a several square kilometers looks like, to give an indication of the risk posed to the East Yorkshire countryside.

Like any sane person seeing an image like this for the first time he seemed shocked, immediately declaring, "well I can tell you right now, that is not happening here".

  • Does this mean Graham Stewart is opposed to fracking?  
  • Or does he think that if we go, "all out for shale" as Cameron wants, East Yorkshire will somehow be mysteriously exempt from it's impacts?
  • Or, in fact, is it the case that many supporters of fracking simply have no idea of the scale of it's impacts?

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