Thursday, 17 April 2014

Series of Talks - Look North lead story on Tues

HEY Frack Off is hosting a series of talks this week with expert speakers from Frack Off informing local communities about extreme energy.  The final talk is this evening in Driffield.

A detailed presentation included explaining:
  •  that fracking will necessitate 1000s of wells in East Yorkshire
  •  that we're in the middle of some quite nasty stuff here.  Not only has most of East Yorkshire from Hull to Hornsea been licensed for Oil & Gas extraction, but licenses have been issued for Underground Coal Gasification in the estuary and along the coast.  Underground Coal Gasification is a terrifying sounding process of setting fire to the coal underground to inefficiently extract toxic syngas.

The talks have resulted in regional media coverage, including the lead story on local BBC news.

The reason for concern is every time Rathlin say they aren't fracking they qualify it:

  • no immediate plans
  • not at that these wells
  • not by us

This is clearest in this clip at 6:58, when Rathlin's chair says,
" fracking under the programs we're currently working on... what happens for the future, of course, I have no idea"

Rathlin are mining for information; they tested the Bowland Shale last year, and must have had positive results, as they now plan to return to carry out a minifrac on it.  The only way to extract gas from shale is by fracking.

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