Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Protector arrested for singing protest songs in Beverley town centre

At approx 2pm on Saturday Darren, a protector camping at Crawberry Hill well site, was arrested on the main shopping street in Beverley while shocked shoppers looked on, apparently for singing anti fracking protest songs.

He was stood on a bench outside Wilkos, playing an acoustic guitar and entertaining shoppers by singing anti fracking versions of popular songs. Between songs he was explaining the issue of the risky method of extreme gas extraction.

He was suddenly arrested, we believe under Section 35 Public Order Act.

"The police turned up and caused a disturbance and tried to find people who would make complaints (e.g about the music ). Beverley usually has musicians playing. The police had several vans and everyone was asking why there were there…What a waste of public money!"

The reason given for the arrest was abusive language. The volume had already been turned down as requested and Darren had just announced that he was on his last song, to the tune of, 'She'll be coming round the mountain', and had moved on from the opening verse with the lyrics, 'You can stick the new world order up your ..."

Alina Friedman, who was among the protest group, said: "We were holding a musical outreach for the local people of Beverley and telling them about the dangers of fracking.

"No one had come to complain to us and we were getting a good response.

"There were a lot of children about and they were quite disturbed watching him being arrested.

"We were just holding a peaceful gathering."

Video here, with the arrest at 13:30:

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