Friday, 16 May 2014

Rathlin's Operator runs down Crawberry Hill protectors

Yesterday at 13:30 a crane contractor at the Crawberry Hill well site was involved in an accident that hospitalised protector Ben Deevoy.

Pete Marsden, a Hull resident who was visiting site at the time witnessed the accident, and said: "I was behind the vehicle as it approached the gate with 3 protectors in front of it.  The driver suddenly accelerated, and 2 protectors managed to dive out of the way to each side, but Ben was hit in the front and sent flying 2 or 3 yards."

Ben Deevoy, a protector camping at site, was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary.  He was discharged later in the day with possible sprained back and shock.  

The driver was taken away in a police vehicle.  We have not yet been able to confirm whether he was arrested, as reported by witnesses yesterday.

Post incident video:

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