Monday, 2 June 2014

Solo Hero - Protector Arrested for Walking down highway

Last Thursday Rathlin brought a load of equipment on to West Newton in a single convoy.

Dominic exercised his right to peaceful protest by walking, alone, down the public highway in front of the whole convoy and police, and was promptly arrested, and banned from both well sites.

Video - "I am not blocking the highway, I am clearly using this public highway to move myself as is my right."
"You're under arrest".


  1. I know Dominic. When our community squat was attacked by thugs with sledge hammers he was the first one out to talk to them. Brave guy. He should at least be arrested for being a threat to oppressors or something not obstruction of the highway!
    Hope he doesn't get to badly screwed for this. Solidarity from London.

    1. Brave indeed.
      He was in court today- you can read what happened here.