Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The most powerful letter

This letter is the most powerful, concise and well referenced argument I've yet seen on the dangers of fracking.

It is from a large number of health & medical organisations, professionals and scientists urging New York State to extend its ban on fracking.

Concerned Health Professionals of New York to New York State

  • Evidence linking water contamination to fracking–related activities is now indisputable.
  • The structural integrity of wells can fail. These failures are common, unavoidable, and increase over time as wells age and cement and casings deteriorate
  • The disposal of fracking wastewater is causally linked to earthquakes and radioactive contamination of surface water. It remains a problem with no solution. 
  • Air quality impacts from fracking–related activities are clearer than ever.
  • Community and social impacts of fracking can be widespread, expensive, and deadly. 
  • Industry secrecy contributes to unsettled science 

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