Monday, 21 July 2014

Another Damning Report

Brand new report- Scientists for Global Responsibility & Chartered Institute of Environmental Health: examine the evidence

This new report has been released today, and we've added it to our collection on the Get Informed page:

It concludes

  • Regulation of the industry in the UK is currently inadequate
  • Confidence in the practice is undermined by a series of disingenuous claims made by both the Government and industry
  • Virtually all economic analysts refute the claim that fracking will reduce energy bills
  • job creation potential has been substantially exaggerated, and is also significantly less than that of the low-carbon energy sector
  • Community benefits have been exaggerated
  • the exploitation of shale gas is dangerous and unnecessary
  • use of shale gas will undoubtedly be in addition to, not instead of, coal, and will therefore result in an overall increase in emissions

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