Tuesday, 8 July 2014

March on Beverley!

When was the last time you witnessed a political march in Beverley?  This kind of think simply doesn't normally happen in this peaceful, conservative market town.

And that makes the demo on Saturday all the more remarkable- when 150 people from local villages marched through Beverley to oppose fracking.

Rathlin tried to imply that it wasn't locals organising the march- but sorry, H.E.Y. Frack Off had no part in it's planning, nor the protectors from the camp- it was entirely the villagers of nearby Walkington!

Banners also showed support on the day from other local villages, including Newbald and Cherry Burton.

Conservatives, Labour and the Greens marched side by side, united in their opposition to fracking.

Politicians take note- this is only the start.  And if you don't oppose fracking by the general election next year, don't expect to win.

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  1. Rathlin's plan all along was to carry out a mini-frack - a "fall-off test." This is not full-on fracking but the exploratory stage to see if fracking will work. Obviously they want this to be successful. Then they will sell the rights to one of the big boys like iGas or Cuadrilla who will then frack across the area, with millions of gallons of water per well, and a cocktail of 200 toxic chemicals, producing millions of gallons of toxic and radioactive water, and presumably gas, but including much flare-off and methane into the locality and atmosphere.