Tuesday, 8 July 2014

local telly: "Protestors should go home" says MP! + lots more

Lots of local TV recently, including...

"Protestors should go home" says MP

Some local residents originally opposed to the camps are now in full support, as they realise the full extent of what's going on, the shock of police treatment of the protectors, and their vital role in recording environmental incidents- including numerous spills off the pad unreported by the media.
But the MP is still trying to turn the local community against the protectors camps.

Meanwhile the Conservative Police Commissioner laughably tries to claim that the police are protecting the public from the peaceful protectors!
In reality they are of course protecting Rathlin Energy's interests as they try to impose an unpopular and risky operation against the wishes of local people.

Martin Deane of Hull and East Yorkshire Green Party is interviewed on Look North (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire)

 about the risks of fracking, after a report by the British Geological Survey showing areas of shale that overlap underground water sources.

Report from the Crawberry Hill well site & anti fracking camp on Sunday Politics

Simon Bowens from Friends of the Earth then debates with 2 pro-fracking MPs, who seem to think the risks are manageable and acceptable.

There are currently NO REGULATIONS whatsoever for unconventional oil & gas extraction in the UK.  (All the regulations are for conventional, or mining waste etc.)

Many experts, including a former oil exec for mobil for 31 years, Louis Allstadt giving evidence to New York extending it's ban, believe fracking is so risky it is simply not possible to make it safe, even if it were tightly regulated.

More on our You Tube channel here.

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